Sunday, May 10, 2009

I found myself in a funny / unfortunate situation a couple of days ago. I had to get a set of fingerprints made and submitted as part of a security clearance procedure on one of the projects I was working on. The only place that I could get a set of fingerprints done (legally) was the local police station. Hence I made an appointment and they told me to come to the station at 2pm.

On the day itself, I arrived 15mins earlier hoping that I would be able to get them done quickly. Unfortunately I was directed into the waiting room and told to join a queue. The queue consisted of 4 women in front of me. I noticed that these 4 women were in various states of distress. One was slightly intoxicated and was quietly mumbling to herself. Another was sniffling and looked like she was on the verge of bursting into tears. She was comforted by the third woman, who's face was covered in bruises. The fourth woman glared at me when I entered the room.

As we waited for our turns, the ladies started chatting.

"My boyfriend has dumped me and taken my baby with him!" wailed the lady who was about to cry.

" least you're not hurt. Look at me! I was hit in the face and whacked by golf clubs by my *censored* of a *censored* husband," comforted the bruised woman.

"Mine stole my money!" blurted the fourth woman.

"All men are bastards....all men are bastards....all men are BASTARDS!" screamed the drunk woman.

Suddenly all four heads turned to look at me as I was the only male in the waiting room. I shifted worriedly in my seat. An uncomfortable silence then ensured for the next 5 mins. Those were probably the longest 5 mins for my life.

The door eventuallly opened and an officer came out. I was surprised when he called my name as I was the last to join the queue. I breathed a sigh of relief and shuffled past the 4 women.

"Bastard," muttered the drunk lady.