Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update 2.0

I've just moved flats and did not have an internet connection for about a whole month until now. That explains the huge gap in this blog. You don't realize how much you depend on the internet until you find it being taken away from you. I use the internet to check my mail, read the news, download movies, talk to family and friends (skype), and write this blog. Hence I felt like a fish out of water without the internet. While I had internet access at work, I couldn't really surf the net as I was (ahem!) working. While I was living in exile from the internet, I took up reading. Yes, reading actual printed paper hardcopies. It felt strange as I've not read a book since my college days. It felt unique turning a page, instead of clicking a mouse button. I guess in today's society, whereby one can find almost anything on the internet, books and magazines are being ignored and considered as expensive and troublesome. Why would I buy a magazine when I can read a version of it online? Only when I loose the internet would I start wishing I had bought the magazine.

Anyways, it is now winter and raining as I type this post. Due to the size of my room (big), the heating is not very effective, hence I'm feeling cold. But that could also be due to my bermudas and t-shirt that I'm wearing now. I look forward to my trip to India in a month's time where I can walk around outside in just sandals and shorts and t-shirts.

So, now that the internet is back in my life, I hope to post here more often (work dependent of course).