Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's been quite a while since my last post. Due to work and other issues, time was always lacking when it came to update this site. A breather this weekend has allowed me some time to take some pics and write something here. Unfortunately this stop-start-stop habit looks set to continue as the situation at work looks set to get tougher over the next few months.

Anyway, on to lighter and brighter (literally) topics. This weekend was really sunny. It wasn't hot by any means but it was cetainly a lot more warmer compared to the same time last year. All I can say is that spring is finally here, with the freezing temperatures and snow of last month only a distant memory. With the nice sunny weather today, I went for a bike ride to a nearby lake.

My mechanical horse
And it looks like others had the same idea as well. Ducks, swans and other birds were also out in force to enjoy the nice weather.

Penguins and not really

I know swans are graceful. But have you ever noticed how they hold their wings up? Like some sort of posturing? This is the first time I've actually notice their wing posture. An educated guess would be to show their dominance to other swans / birds.

Swan Posture No. 1

Swan Posture No. 2

Two Swans (Yes yes I know you can count.....)

A great day out gave me the chance to have fun on the bike and recharge my batteries, ready for the next onslaught at work. seems like this cycle is never endless. Well....catch you next time when I'm on here.