Saturday, February 07, 2009



Finally! Some spare time to blog! When I last wrote here, I was about to leave for a well needed holiday in Singapore.

Jungles and Skyscrapers

So leave I did. And what a wonderful time I had back home. The weather was nice, sunny, and warm. It was good to spend quality time with all my friends and family. What a holiday!

The skyline of Singapore

Good food, good company, and good times. So good that I felt really depressed when it was time to return to Bristol. I was asking myself whether I had made a mistake. With sub zero temperatures, grey days, rain and snow, it felt like returning to a frozen hellish waste.

Frozen Downs

And hellish it was. Work had piled up and sat around while I was away on holiday. When I returned, I had a huge work load and an unmovable deadline. Hence I spent the next two weeks "living" at work, having early starts and late nights....even working on weekends. I remember sitting at my desk one weekend, alone in the office and shivering because the heating had been turned off. I looked out of the windows and saw no one on the dim, dark streets. It was light years away from my holidays. It was so depressing that I felt like quiting there and then.

But like all deadlines, they come and go. When the deadline passed, life returned to normal. Well almost. This week, the whole country was brought to a halt when a snow storm hit the UK. With buses cancelled and trains delayed, getting to work was a challenge. Having to walk 3 miles to the train station was quite scary. Snow and slush had made the pavments and streets slippery. One has to perfect the art of shuffling to move around.

It was eerie to wake up one morning and step out of the front door to hear nothing but silence. No car sounds and no people walking sounds. The snow had caused most people to avoid driving. It had also dampen the sound made by people walking.

The shuffle

I'm just starting to restablish my routine again after so many months of working crazy hours. I know some people hate routines because they get easily bored. Well, all I can say is that I find it comforting just to get into the rythm of waking up at sensible times, going out to meet friends, watching movies, doing the groceries and laundry, cooking, the boring stuff etc. With the snow and ice still on the roads and the weather looking to stay snowy into the next week, a nice comfortable routine would be good to keep me happy and grateful. Time to shuffle to the supermarket......