Sunday, October 21, 2007

Autumn Colours

Gold & Bronze

It's all quiet at the moment. The rustling of leaves as they fall and get blown along by the cold winds tell of the approaching winter. However, at the moment, its still mercifully warm enough to be comfortable without wearing a thick winter jacket. Life for me is also pretty quiet at the moment. After a short break back home in Singapore, my return to Bristol was marked by a really intense period of work. With project deadlines approaching, I was really spending lots of time at work. I'm having a breather period now to relax and refresh myself before the next wave of work hits me.
So what are my plans for the next couple of months? Well, in a few weeks time, I shall be moving to a new flat (hurray!). This new flat will be much bigger than my current flat. But its an older flat which needs some work done. Hence, not only will I be busy at work, I'll also be busy at home. And in December, I shall be going to India for 2 weeks (double hurray!) to attend a wedding of a very good friend, Soorjya. For this trip itself, I'll be travelling in the company of the all magnificient and wise philosopher Justin ( , also another goof friend that has been invited to the wedding.
So what can I say? Its gonna be very busy for the next couple of months, which is good. As the days get colder and darker earlier and earlier, it is very easy to wrap up and isolate one's self (hibernate). All these activities will prevent me from doing that and getting fat. So off I go now.