Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should have gone golfing instead..... must be thinking what am I doing here right? Since my mom is supposedly with me, I should be spending all my time with her. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events, my mom had to cancel her flight. She fell sick at the last minute and the doctor advised her against flying. So she's not coming. And I had to cancel my holiday break, which I was very much looking forward to. My mom is now resting at home and hopefully on her way to recovery soon.

The Belfry

On other news, I played my first 18 hole golf game over the weekend. I've always hated golf and thought that it was a game for balding, fat, middle aged/old men (just look at the recent Ryder Cup). However, I won a lucky draw to go play golf at the Belfry sometime at the beginning of the year, so it was at the Belfry that we played golf over the weekend. Now for those of you bumpkins that don't know much about the Belfry (me included), it is the home of golf in England, just one step down from St. Andrews. It is a top class golf course and you need to be rich or well connected to play there.

So about the game, well...I was knackered by the 12th hole and towards the end of the game, I had no strength to swing my club. My hands were blistered from holding the clubs too tightly and my shoulder was sore from carrying the golf bag. It felt like I had just ran a marathon when we finished the last hole. We had great weather though.

I find golf to be a very technical game. You really have to take into account the weather , the wind direction and strength, the lay of the land, your opponents, your choice of clubs, your swing, and many other things to distract your mind. I consider myself a beginner and would really like to take my game up another level. Now all I have to do is to win another lucky draw.


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